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REPLY: I Hate the Career Path My Parents Choose for Me

Beautiful woman - Grace

Dear Caring,

I’m sorry your parents seem to belong to those we call “old school “ and who do not realise that children today excel when they like a particular profession or course.

Talk to your advisor or principal to try and explain to your mother that you will not do well if you don’t follow your heart and do the course you like.

Also find an uncle or aunty who your parents respect to help you convince them to let you study a course of your choice.

Good luck!

Aunty Grace.

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REPLY: I’m A Teenage Virgin But My Boyfriend Is Pressing For S*x

auntygrace1Dear Virgin,

If you are a virgin now then please stay a virgin!

It’s very rare to find one in this century so don’t let anyone make you lose your virginity just because you don’t want to lose him to another girl!

If he loves you, he will respect your wish to remain a virgin! Tell him you want to save yourself for that special guy who’ll put a ring on your finger!

What if you give in to him and he still goes ahead to date other girls ?? How will you feel then?

Just imagine the pleasure , pride and respect your husband (and yes, you Will get a husband!) will have for you when he finds out on your wedding night that you are still a virgin ! Girl , for him that will be water in the desert!

Don’t worry about your friends discussing their sex lives. Either leave when they start such discussions or interrupt and ask them to explain the Oedipus complex!

Take care!

Aunty Grace