REPLY: Issue with my boss


Dear Jr,

You know what they say the boss is always right. You don’t want to be on the wrong side of your boss!
What I suggest you do is when next he asks your opinion or advice , put it in a memo and say something like:
“ Sir /Ma, kindly refer to your instructions for me to ….I will respectfully advise that you/we do…etc etc ( then give your advice as best as you can ). Hopefully by reading it, he ll have more time to focus on the advice and not brush it away . Good luck with that !

Aunty Grace


LETTER: Issue with my boss

Dear Aunty,
Good Morning Ma, Please ma i need advice on how to go about my boss. I have an issue with my boss he wants the best from me at work but do not always take the suggestion or advice. And he his a kind of person that always feel he knows too much. and I do not know how to approach him again
Thank You ma

Replies: “Career Path”


Dear Mk,

Choosing a career path could be confusing especially if you are multi talented.
My advice is to you would be to choose a career in a field that you are passionate about. That way, you’ll enjoy what you do because nothing kills passion faster than doing something you don’t like or that you are not interested in!
So good luck in choosing a career in a field you have interest in.
Take care.

Aunty Grace


LETTER: “Career path”

career path

Dear Aunty,

Please I need assistance I have been finding it hard in choosing a career path please what can i do?
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LETTER: My Wife Wants To Kill Me With S*x Demand

Wife and husband sex

Dear Aunty Grace,

I have tried to cope with this challenge for several months but at this time I can’t hold back my pains. I’ve been looking for someone mature enough and knowledgeable to advise me on this matter. My wife is not aware of my intentions right now, anyway.

However, I have reached that point that I am seriously contemplating to file for a divorce from her. It may interest you to know that we have been married for 6years now and we have two lovely kids – 4years+ and 2years+ respectively.

She does not mind us having intercourse up to five (5) times within a day and not stopping at one round or even two for that matter.

Whenever I complain that it is getting too much, she would then start saying things like I don’t love her that’s why I complain. Now, that we have endless intercourse today does not stop my wife from demanding for it the very next day which I don’t find comfortable at all. I don’t want to die yet o.

The last time I advised that we go to seek a medical advise, her response was that I want us to start discussing our matters with outsiders (which is what we agreed never to do) But I don’t think that agreement covers this because we are going together to seek advise not that one person is discussing us outside.

Before we got married, her sex drive was moderate for me as we only have intercourse, perhaps, twice a day – morning and night – and we enjoy each other and the decision was to have not more than 3 children. Since we have had the two kids, we have been using contraception to avoid unwanted issues.

Unfortunately, I observed in the last couple of months that her demands her getting too much.

Please help, aunty.

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REPLY: My Wife Wants To Kill Me With S*x Demand

Beautiful woman - Grace

Dear B,

Yours is certainly a peculiar problem!

The usual thing is to hear a woman complain that her husband is not having sex enough with her with questions like” does He love me?” “is he seeing another woman?” Such thoughts would run through her mind giving her sleepless nights! In your case however, your wife wants sex all the time!

Lucky guy! (most would say) because all that most people hear from their wives is “not tonight dear. I have a headache!”

My first thought would be get it up man- but before you dash for those blue pills or enhancers, I would advise you to see your doctor first so you don’t end up with more complications!

Have a discussion with your wife when she’s sober and not in a Randy mood and tell her you feel your life is in danger if she does not reduce her craving for sex. The sheer exhaustion may kill you!

Hopefully, if she loves you she just might see it your way and let you rest a bit.

Maybe talk to her mother or your pastor but talk to somebody!

Good luck!
Aunty Grace

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LETTER: I Hate The Career Path My Parents Chose For Me

Angry Student

Good day, Aunty Grace.

Let me start by thanking you for the words of wisdom the last time I seek your help concerning my boyfriend that was demanding sex as a prove of my love for him before going to school. I have moved on now, sha.

So, this time it’s my parents that are trying hard to influence my career choice through the course I should study in the University.

While applying for JAMB, I wanted to apply for Accounting but my parents insisted I must put in for Marketing, especially my mum. My dad was indifferent but his opinion is that I must obey my mother. Aunty, I hate Marketing with a passion and cannot become a marketer.

I am really confused right now because I have been granted admission but may not excel in the course since Ii do not like it. Right now I feel like my life is full of errors. Nothing works according to my will.

What can I do, please?

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REPLY: I Hate the Career Path My Parents Choose for Me

Beautiful woman - Grace

Dear Caring,

I’m sorry your parents seem to belong to those we call “old school “ and who do not realise that children today excel when they like a particular profession or course.

Talk to your advisor or principal to try and explain to your mother that you will not do well if you don’t follow your heart and do the course you like.

Also find an uncle or aunty who your parents respect to help you convince them to let you study a course of your choice.

Good luck!

Aunty Grace.

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LETTER: I’m A Teenage Virgin But My Boyfriend Is Pressing For S*x


Dear Aunty Grace,

I am an ardent reader of your replies to people’s letters and I found them quiet helpful. Now it is my turn to ask for your motherly and professional advice.

My name is D.R. and I am newly admitted student of one of the tertiary institutions in Akure, Ondo State. I am 18 years of age but I met this boyfriend of mine immediately after secondary school and we have been very close for about 7months now.

At first, we agreed that their wont be anything like s*x between us but when my friends who are also in a relationship start to discuss their s*x life with their boyfriends, he will start to mock me.

I truly love him and don’t want to lost him to another girl but now that I am going to school, he is asking me to prove my love for him by allowing him have s*x with me.

What do I do? I have been avoiding him for weeks now, thank God for ASUU strike because I should have gone to school since.

Please ma.

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REPLY: I’m A Teenage Virgin But My Boyfriend Is Pressing For S*x

auntygrace1Dear Virgin,

If you are a virgin now then please stay a virgin!

It’s very rare to find one in this century so don’t let anyone make you lose your virginity just because you don’t want to lose him to another girl!

If he loves you, he will respect your wish to remain a virgin! Tell him you want to save yourself for that special guy who’ll put a ring on your finger!

What if you give in to him and he still goes ahead to date other girls ?? How will you feel then?

Just imagine the pleasure , pride and respect your husband (and yes, you Will get a husband!) will have for you when he finds out on your wedding night that you are still a virgin ! Girl , for him that will be water in the desert!

Don’t worry about your friends discussing their sex lives. Either leave when they start such discussions or interrupt and ask them to explain the Oedipus complex!

Take care!

Aunty Grace