White Man Attacks Black McDonald’s Employee, She Fights Back

White Man Attacks Black McDonald's Employee, She Fights Back
McDonald’s at Dubai International Airport.McDonald’s is a fast food restaurant chain that specializes burgers menu. – shutterstock

A video of a White McDonald’s customer attacking a Black female worker in St. Petersburg, Florida has gone viral online.

Social media users expressed anger toward the store manager for not helping out his employee and wants him to be fired, according to Newsweek.

The White customer has been identified as 40-year-old Daniel Willis Taylor. He was charged with two misdemeanor counts of battery for grabbing the employee from across the counter on New Year’s Eve. The worker, who’s hasn’t been identified, defended herself with a flurry of punches to the man’s face, while other co-workers attempted to pull her off of Taylor.

After the attack, the McDonald’s manager can be seen helping the customer with his order, while other employees can be seen cleaning. Taylor can be heard screaming “I want her a*s fired right now,” to the manager.

In the video, Taylor called the woman a “b*tch” and said the altercation stemmed from him asking a question

Twitter users expressed their outrage to the video, saying that Black women are often assaulted without anyone stepping in to help.

“I am sick of seeing footage of men assault Women (often Black Women) and no one does anything about it, wroter user Nikyatu. “This conditioning contributes to the narrative that we are undeserving of protection and mark my words: it’s reaching a peak and turning into an invitation for our abuse.”

“I’m mad the manager is looking at a receipt instead of calling the cop….THIS is what you call the cops about not a little girl selling water or folks bbqing in a park,” said Twitter user DBlmint02.