Today’s Joke

Today is World Food Day and I was on the street with a friend when we spotted this man who seemed to have lost his mind. We thought he was just poor and hungry.

So, my friend and I agreed to get him something to eat. Interestingly, we could only spot a Domino Pizza store and I dashed in without asking if it was okay for him. And my friend kept a close watch on him to be sure we don’t lose him.

Soon, I came out and gave him a slice of pizza with a serviette, and he was touched. He looked up at me, he got a tear in his eye, and he said, ‘Thank you.’

At that point we concluded we might have been wrong, thinking he was insane. Then the surprise hit us!

He looked away from us and breathed heavily, then wiped his mouth with the pizza and went back to eating the serviette.