Security Tips: A Must Have Device For Lonely Times

safetyLiving alone can be lonely, but it doesn’t have to be frightening. With the aid of a medical alarm, this fear and loneliness can be dealt with.

Medical alarms go by a number of different names, including:

  • Medical alert systems
  • Personal emergency response systems
  • Personal emergency medical alert systems

Medical alarm systems might sound complex and intimidating. In fact, these are designed with seniors in mind and are not sophisticated at all. They usually consist of:

  • A push-button set in a pendant, necklace or bracelet.
  • A two-way speaker box through which the user can talk with a call center or be monitored, after an alarm has been sent.

Medical alarms can also be used very discreetly, to avoid tastelessly reminding the user of his or her frailty. They can be worn as a pendant, wristband or necklace. These can be carried in pockets or handbags or worn as a wristband, whatever the user wishes.

Medical alarms also help alleviate the loneliness of living alone and the fear that comes with the danger. Medical alarms or personal emergency response systems can be activated to contact:

  • A son or daughter
  • A neighbor
  • A doctor
  • 911

Medical alarms not only protect you in case of a medical emergency, but emergency services can be summoned at the push of a button in case of any problem including:

  • Burglary
  • Fire
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Falls

Culled from Your Security Guide