Safety Tips


In this edition of our Safety Tips, we are looking at tips to avoid fall in every way possible. See below:

In the living room and bedroom

  • Arrange furniture with wider space to move around.
  • Keep extension cords to an absolute minimum. Tape or tack them to the wall.
  • Install handrails along hallways and especially stairways.

In the bathroom

  • Use an elevated toilet seat and/or safety rails.
  • Install sturdy grab bars, never using towel racks or other inadequate materials.
  • Install shower chairs or transfer benches where necessary.
  • Install non-skid mats and grip decals where possible.

In the kitchen

  • Make sure all spills are immediately cleaned up.
  • Install nonskid rubber mats if necessary, and secure these to the floor properly.
  • Arrange utensils, pots, pans, measuring cups and dishes so they are easy to reach.

Taking these precautions will also help ease your mind and decrease the likelihood of ever having to make use of the medical alarm or personal emergency response system.