Safety Tips

safetyIn all four of these areas, you need to take a four-pronged approach to your own safety:

This is always your first line of defense. You can prevent many potentially dangerous situations anywhere, simply be being alert. Be aware of your surroundings. Criminals succeed best when they have the element of surprise.

  • Carjackers exploit drivers’ blind spots.
  • Intoxicated women are more likely to be attacked.

Studies show that those who practice meditation and alertness are more aware of danger to themselves and others, before it happens. Learn to pay attention to gut instincts.


  • Lock your doors when you are driving alone or in the house alone.
  • Keep several locks on your door.
  • Stick to well-lit areas, even if it means taking a bit longer to walk home.
  • Want to get home quickly because you are tired? Even more reason to stay in the light.


  • When walking in a strange area or sleeping in a strange place, be aware of an escape route.
  • Keep a cell phone or cordless phone nearby when you are home alone.
  • Never open your door unless you are certain who is on the other side.


  • Keep several personal security products: Pepper spray is the safest and most effective. A key chain personal alarm is the handiest weapon.
  • Know how to fight. The best self defense is given by police run courses that offer simple, practical defenses against attack. Martial Arts training takes longer and is less likely to be effective, in fact.
  • Be ready to scream.
  • When traveling, pack your own wooden doorstop. This is the best way to block a motel room door, and it is unlikely the hotel will supply you with one. Even better protection is a personal alarm doorstop.