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REPLY: “…I Am Dating A Colleague Because My Husband Can’t Satisfy My Sexual Desire”

Dear Vee,

The saying -“one man s meat is another man s poison readily comes to mind.
Most women complain that after Sex, the man just switches off and starts to snore!
Here you have a husband who cuddles you after sex showing how much he cares for and appreciates you.
Believe me, many women will be glad to trade places with you!
Now to your question, having an affair while married is a sure recipe for disaster so Stop it Now!
Talk to your husband in a loving manner and tell him you love him so much that you always want more when you make love.

Have you tried letting him rest a little before prodding him for more? He may be tired after the first round and perhaps just needs some rest before he goes at it again!

Anyway, do express your feelings and desire to him and he may just step up his game.
Be careful though, not to turn what should be a pleasant love making session into a stressful session!
Good luck!
Aunty Grace