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Re: Help, My Wife Asks for Too Much Sex

Beautiful woman - Grace

Dear B,

Yours is certainly a peculiar problem!

The usual thing is to hear a woman complain that her husband is not having sex enough with her with questions like” does He love me?” “is he seeing another woman?” Such thoughts would run through her mind giving her sleepless nights! In your case however, your wife wants sex all the time!

Lucky guy! (most would say) because all that most people hear from their wives is “not tonight dear. I have a headache!”

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My first thought would be get it up man- but before you dash for those blue pills or enhancers, I would advise you to see your doctor first so you don’t end up with more complications!

Have a discussion with your wife when she’s sober and not in a Randy mood and tell her you feel your life is in danger if she does not reduce her craving for sex. The sheer exhaustion may kill you!

Hopefully, if she loves you she just might see it your way and let you rest a bit.

Maybe talk to her mother or your pastor but talk to somebody!

Good luck!
Aunty Grace