LETTER: “My fiancee had sex with ex-boyfriend”

My fiancée and I have been in a relationship for about 4 years now and we are very serious about getting married to each other.

Everyone in my family knows her as my wife-to-be and they treat her as such. The same thing goes for her family each time we meet.

She is in her final year in school and this horrible thing happen. She is in the same school with her ex-boyfriend who dumped her because according to him ‘she is a liar’. I met her and we started the relationship 4 years ago.

Last week, the guy called me very early in the morning to tell me he had been seeing her secretly in school and that they even had sex. Just before I could decide if it could be true or not, my fiancée called me saying there is something we needed to talk about and when I asked her if it was what the ex-boyfriend told me, she said yes.

I could not see her that day because it was Sunday. So, on Monday, I went to her house and she explained to me but said they only had sex once and that she regretted it begging me for forgiveness.

What do I do, I love her and thought she loved me too.

Aunty, please advise me.

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