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LETTER: I Hate The Career Path My Parents Chose For Me

Angry Student

Good day, Aunty Grace.

Let me start by thanking you for the words of wisdom the last time I seek your help concerning my boyfriend that was demanding sex as a prove of my love for him before going to school. I have moved on now, sha.

So, this time it’s my parents that are trying hard to influence my career choice through the course I should study in the University.

While applying for JAMB, I wanted to apply for Accounting but my parents insisted I must put in for Marketing, especially my mum. My dad was indifferent but his opinion is that I must obey my mother. Aunty, I hate Marketing with a passion and cannot become a marketer.

I am really confused right now because I have been granted admission but may not excel in the course since Ii do not like it. Right now I feel like my life is full of errors. Nothing works according to my will.

What can I do, please?

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