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LETTER: “…I Am Dating A Colleague Because My Husband Can’t Satisfy My Sexual Desire”

Love, infidelity, sexGood day, Aunty Grace,
Hoping you can offer any advice to save me from this big problem with my sex life even in marriage which I don’t want to ruin my marital life.
I am married with a kid and my marriage is 3years old. I actually like everything about my husband and what he does.
However, my present predicament is that I just found myself dating a colleague in the office because my husband does not satisfy my sexual desires.
We don’t have the same desire for sex. After a couple of good times, he feels it is just okay and he expects us to gist and just cuddle each other while I am longing for more.
I have tried to persuade him to go some more but it does not go down well with him and I don’t also want to create an impression of myself being excessive with sex to him.
Unfortunately, I can’t explain what is happening to me because I wasn’t like this at the initial stage of our marriage, not even during our courtship that lasted over two years. We had moderate desires then.
And in actual sense, I don’t feel good each time I see this other guy and I don’t know how to communicate it to my husband to be able to meet my desires.
Please help me. I want to stop this illicit affair.
I love my man.