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Health tipHealth: Recognising an alcohol and drug problem

There is no particular type of person who becomes dependent on alcohol or other drugs. It can happen to anyone. However, it is not good for anyone’s Health when it becomes excessive.

What starts as occasional use of a drug or one prescription of pain-relieving medication, for example, can get out of control as time passes – especially in times of pain or stress. You may find you need bigger doses to get the same feeling or to lessen the pain. Eventually, you may depend on the drug to feel good or to get through your day.

Other signs that you are becoming dependent on alcohol or other drugs include:

  • having intense urges for the substance – this could be once a day or several times a day
  • needing more of a substance to get the same effect
  • fixating about making sure you have a constant supply of the substance
  • spending money on the substance, even when you cannot afford it
  • cutting back on social or other activities
  • not meeting your work, family or study responsibilities
  • lying to people about your alcohol or drug use when they ask
  • doing things that are illegal so you can get the substance, such as stealing
  • taking risks such as driving when you are under the influence of the substance
  • trying but failing to stop using the substance
  • experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop taking the substance.