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Any Precautions With Carrot Juice for Health?

Vitamin A Toxicity

Sometimes, people who pay close attention to their health, usually complain of toxicity which is often is caused by excess intake of supplements, carrot juice may also be the culprit. One case discusses an individual ingesting 6 to 7 pounds of carrots a week. The individual later reported constipation and hypercarotenemia (harmless yellowing of the skin), indicating vitamin A toxicity.


Carrot juice is among those foods that are closest to being an elixir of life. It is an easy and fun way to include the goodness of carrots in your diet.

Be aware of the vitamin A toxicity, though. If you are already taking vitamin A supplements, please talk to your doctor. You may be advised to reduce the dosage.

Otherwise, carrot juice is a powerful way to boost your health with the right nutrients. Have it every day and reap the benefits in the long run.

NOTE: You can drink carrot juice on an empty stomach or the first thing in the morning.

Also, it is safe to drink carrot juice daily. But be wary of the dosage. Just 2 to 3 carrots a day must do. Also, if you are taking vitamin A supplements, please check with your doctor if you can take carrot juice as well.


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