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7 Minute Workout

Even on your busiest day, you can probably carve out seven minutes for a workout! The free 7 Minute Workout app walks you through a variety of quick-hit circuits that include short sets of exercises meant to tone, build endurance, and promote weight loss. The programs you’ll find in the app are based on HICT (high-intensity circuit training) for a quick, effective workout. Voice prompts between sets guide you through the circuit, and videos of each move help you learn proper form to reduce the chance of injury. On days you can’t make it to the gym or meet with your trainer, the 7 Minute Workout is a great way to get your heartrate up with minimal equipment or fuss. Download for: iOS | Android


An accountability partner can do wonders for your motivation. If you’re having trouble finding someone IRL, try WellSquad. Much like an online dating site, it’ll use a questionnaire and “exclusive algorithm” to match you with a compatible workout partner. WellSquad integrates with multiple fitness devices so you can share your progress with your team. You can also message with fitness partners or connect with “Squad Leaders” (certified fitness trainers and registered dieticians) in your community to kickstart your fitness journey. It’s free to join and find a fitness partner in your area, though there’s a monthly fee for access to Squad Leaders. Visit online:


Advertised as a “personal trainer in your pocket,” Endomondo is a low-cost way to get coaching and encouragement during your workout. This free app helps you choose a workout plan (via a quick Fitness Test), set goals, and train to meet them. You’ll get real-time audio feedback while you run, bike, or do 40+ other activities, so you’ll know when you’re on track and when to push harder. Metrics tracked include calories burned, miles logged, and rate of improvement over time. The optional Premium version includes personalized training plans for even faster results. Download for: iOS | Android


Want to add weight lifting to your fitness routine? StrongLifts will help you train smart. Based on the StrongLifts 5×5 program, the free app offers guidance on when to add or subtract weight, what to do when you hit a plateau, and how long you should rest between sets. And with single-tap logging, you can focus on your exercise rather than running a timer. Download for: iOS | Android

Couch to 5K

Aspiring runners, this one’s for you. The popular Couch to 5K program helps you train from zero running ability to a 5K (that’s about 30 minutes of continuous running) in just 8 weeks. It’s broken down into 3-per-week 30 minute sessions that gradually increase your running-to-walking ratio to get you running your local road race in no time. There are many C25K apps out there; we like Zen Labs’ version. It’s free for both iOS and Android. Download for: iOS | Android


Consider adding meditation to your fitness routine to foster a healthy body and mind. The Calm app offers guided meditations of various lengths, so you can get a mindfulness boost even on busy days. The flexibility to choose the accompanying music from a list of soothing options helps to tune out background noise — a useful feature for the times when it’s difficult to find a quiet place to practice, especially for beginners. You’ll get access to a variety of meditations with the free app download, but you can also upgrade to enjoy premium features like the Daily Calm (a new, themed meditation each day) and meditations for commuting, walking, calming anxiety, and more.


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