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Why you should never eat bananas for breakfast

Are you always running out of time when getting ready for work? Usually, the first thing we drop is breakfast. That’s where the trustworthy banana often comes in. It’s easy, portable and delicious. However, research also shows that it’s not the best thing to eat for breakfast.

According to Dr Daryl Gioffre, who created the AlkaMind diet, bananas are actually harmful to eat as a breakfast substitute.

While the tropical fruit has plenty of good qualities such as being high in potassium, magnesium and fiber, it won’t do you much good as a morning snack. The reason for this is “they’re 25% sugar and moderately acidic”, Dr Gioffre says. They will give you a decent temporary boost, but you’ll soon feel tired and hungry again. Dr Gioffre goes as far as calling them “Nature’s candy”. They can actually cause cravings, which could lead to overeating later on.

All hope is not lost for you banana as breakfast fans, the food expert does offer a solution. While a single banana and nothing more will cause you to feel weak, you can negate this negative effect by combining it with healthy fats, spices and herbs to counter the insulin spike caused by bananas.

Dr Gioffre recommends ingredients such as coconut butter, raw almonds, hemp, flax and chia. “Because bananas are acidic, you’ll have to neutralise the acid to get the benefits of potassium, fiber, and magnesium without the sugar rush”, he said.

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