Free Yourself From Employment Problems. Try This!

The clock on the wall chimed. I looked up at it and it was midnight- midnight and I couldn’t sleep!
I turned over on my side so I won’t see the clock on the wall. The clock that kept reminding me that I was not on my own bed and my own room in my own house!
I had been brought here in an ambulance and as I lay on my hospital bed unable to sleep, many thoughts flashed through my mind (thanking God for being alive being the major one) but I couldn’t stop worrying about how long I was going to lay there helpless while the bills were mounting!
I had retired and all the money I save was literally going up in smoke! It was going so fast! As sundry thoughts rushed through my head, the worry about money took first place!
Then I decided to go through my emails. Surely that will help me go to sleep.
That’s when this unexpected email popped up. That email changed my life! I have always wanted  Freedom- total freedom to do what I like when I like!
Now I can sit (or lie down) at home working at my own pace and time. No more being stuck in traffic jams or jumping to answer my boss’ call to get to work “Now!” when all I want to do is hit the snooze button!
Freedom to travel the world- Freedom! Freedom at last!
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