#BBNaija: Khloe And Dee-One Caught in Hot Exchange of Words


Head of House Khloe and Dee-One got themselves in hot exchange of words on Tuesday morning in the Big Brother Naija House.

Khloe had called all housemates out for a meeting, waking them from their sleep, and it got Dee-One very angry. He asked Khloe in anger why she woke all housemates, and further accusing her of not having manner of approach when she retorted by asking whether he came to the Big Brother House to sleep.

Another Housemate, Angel then attacked Dee-One for being disrespectful to Khloe, saying that she is the Head of House and that she has the right to call for a meeting at any time. This led to further brawl between the two men.

After Vandora’s intervention, the housemates met separately, before a sudden call from Big Brother to freeze, while the Ninjas changed the ropes tied to some housemates, with the pairs bound to each other for the next 24 hours.

Big Brother further announced that the change meant that housemates are only to communicate with their paired partner for the next 24 hours

Recall that Khloe emerged the Head of House after winning the HoH challenge over Bam Bam and Ifu Enada.

With all the 20 housemates still in the competition, the first real evictions take place on Sunday, February 17, 2018, when two pairs are expected to leave the house.