Game of Thrones final: 21 details you might have missed

Game of Thrones

Among all the dizzying turns and check-ins with the many remaining survivors, there were multiple references and smaller moments slipped into the script and set staging.

Keep reading for a look at all the details you might have missed on Sunday’s final episode of “Game of Thrones.”

  1. Game of ThronesTyrion walks over this map early on the episode, and you can see how the crack matches perfectly.
    Since we hadn’t seen the state of the Red Keep on the actual episode yet, it was fun to see how this cracked floor was actually part of the set design.
  2. Daenerys thanked her Dothraki soldiers for fulfilling a promise both Khal Drogo and her new bloodriders had made to her.
    “You killed my enemies in their iron suits,” Daenerys told the crowd of men who fought for her. “You tore down their stone houses. You gave me the Seven Kingdoms.”
  3. Those were the words Khal Drogo yelled back on the first season of “Game of Thrones.”
    After Daenerys was nearly poisoned, Drogo vowed to conquer Westeros for her. His pledge went beyond “killing men in iron suits” and “tearing down stone houses,” though. Drogo said he would rape women and enslave children as he ravaged the Seven Kingdoms.
    On the sixth season, Dany repeated phrases from this speech when she named all the remaining Dothraki her bloodriders.
  4. Jon recalled Aemon Targaryen’s lessons to him from season one, and they connect to virtually every main storyline on the show.
    “Love is the death of duty,” Jon told Tyrion.
    The last living Lannister flipped that, saying that sometimes “duty is the death of love.” Jon Snow killed Daenerys minutes later – but before we get to that important scene, it’s worth revisiting Aemon’s full speech to Jon Snow.


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